Parallel to his music and songwriting career, M.E. Baird has lectured and held part-time teaching positions in art, design, performance and creative theories at various universities and art schools in New South Wales and Victoria as well as freelance creative direction roles for film and television.  

M.E. Baird's workshops specifically focus on idea generation and the creative process.  Through these workshops, he aims to share techniques, processes, and theories that he has researched for over twenty years as an educator and how he implements them in his own creative practices.  


M.E. Baird's workshops are broad and universal in their intent and applicable to any creative endeavour whether that be literature, visual art, performance art, songwriting, music/composition or design.   They are suitable for beginning and emerging creatives as well as mid-career and established artists looking to add new techniques to their existing practice and processes.



What is a (creative) idea and how better to produce them?

This seminar-based workshop starts off by defining what is a good creative idea by examining the notion of 'substance and content' over 'product and representation'. 

The second part of the session looks at the production of ideas. Beginning with James Webb-Young's seminal text  Technique for Producing Ideas.   M.E. Baird then drills down, expands upon and adds to this technique with his own eight non-linear strategies that underpin the process in the production of ideas and bringing them to their greatest potential - Approx: 3-4 hr delivery

The Art of Song  

M.E. Baird explains and demonstrates how he and other songwriters seek and identify, then incorporate the potential components of a good story or idea into a song, collection of songs or musical composition. M.E. Baird also reveals specific processes that he undertakes in his own songwriting,  including the symbiotic relationship between his visual art practice and music making - Approx: 2-4hr delivery.

The Art of Listening

Drawing and mark making in response to a piece of 'Avant-garde' music. A fun and creative exercise to assist in developing the 'intuitive' muscles of the brain.  

Approx: 2-3hr delivery

The Music of Art

Composition/s or songs inspired by art.  Composing musical piece/s in response to a selection of artworks.  A fun and creative exercise to assist in developing the 'intuitive' muscles of the brain. Approx: 2-4hr delivery



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"Here in the office, we are fresh out of a fantastic training day with M.E. Baird on the not-so-secret science to creativity, creative thinking and ideas. Here are two nuggets of wisdom shared that struck a chord with us."

-Byron Writers Festival Board and Team



For more information on M.E. Baird's seminars and associated workshops  including bookings email M.E. Baird directly